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Who We Are

The Burgundy Hills Company was established in 2016 and is a Myanmar-focused agribusiness and food company, connecting the right farmers to the right markets.


We are food marketers of various agricultural commodities. Our activities span the agricultural value chain, from sourcing and contract growing in the upstream, all the way downstream to the processing, packaging, and distribution of certain agri-food products. Our farm-side portfolio of crops includes grains & oilseeds, fruits & vegetables, and tea and spices.


In the short time since our founding, we have built out a diversified trading and agricultural services business based on our integrity, a focus on quality, and our ability to develop and deliver tailored sourcing solutions for our various customers. We leverage our country expertise and strong networks to deliver in a timely and reliable manner.


We have not only become the trusted partner for our many clients but have also helped connect the many farmers we work with to a broader audience. We believe in shared prosperity as a foundation of our success, whether it is with our farmers, our partners, or our customers, and are always looking for new partners and customers.


We have come to see our core value add-in as trust: clients trust in our ability to identify and develop the right sourcing support for their businesses and provide good food products, and farmers trust us to help improve production and develop steady market access. We believe in diligent and continuous progress towards becoming the most trusted name in agricultural and food products.


We welcome you to join us on that journey.



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